Rørvig, heading south


The storm calmed down over night and we left Rørvig in the morning. Not as early as planned as we wanted to take the opportunity to get a new toilet. As the guys repaired the blocked pump yesterday and cleaned everything from urine stone the also detected that the screws holding the toilet and the pump connected were cracked out of there holes. Urine stone builds up due to the mixture of saltwater and urine, the only thing to keep it to a minimum is to flush and flush and flush… It seams not in proportion to the business and therefore gets forgotten easily, but it is important – obviously. But not to hard, this bends the screws and crack them out of the holes, as happened. 

But the boat shop didn’t had any in stock. This means the bucket situation will continue and Joe and I bulls a system that makes sure we don’t loose a bucket on the go. 

Waiting here for it to arrive isn’t an option, we need the rest of the wind to get further south. Kristiansund, Molde or Alesund… Bergen still is too far to think about when we might reach it. In one of these cities we might get a replacement and also will have time to care about other things. Like the beam from the front sail. Unnecessary slagging around gave it the rest today and it cracked, but we might have everything nesseccary on board to repair it when docked, well could do now but why taking an extra risk. 

The waves are a bit choppy, building up still while the wind continues to blow. The mood is calm, tiered and people avoid being in the boat. Cooking duty was switched to Fredrik but he as well didn’t feel like hanging out in the kitchen for to long, Steffen makes up for it and pimps the food with some vegetables. I’d rather sleep than hanging out and tried to swap my dishes. No one really seamed to be keen, Espen said he might do a few after his shift. Coming back at midnight I find a super tidy kitchen, I guess I owe him. 

Coming back? Well, I’d rather say, Genevieve woke me up. We’ve changed the shift system what I forgot and it’s not us at the same time anymore what means, we need to alarm clocks and I didn’t put mine on. 

The waves are nearly gone and the bucket under the stars could be considered as romantic. 

System: place bucket between the two vents, click lifebelt to the stark on the side… And empty the bucket in the back, bring up with some water in it. 

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