Good morning Ålesund


Good morning sunshine. We are back in Ålesund, the place that sparked my fire for Norway in June. I’ve seen different sites of the country since then, been to the ever grey Tromsø with its colorful arctic flowers, been to glaciers, on land strips with no trees at all, in areas with more polar bears than inhabitants -and actually thinking of living there for a while- deep into fjords, on isolated islands and on the wide wide open ocean. But nothing, really nothing compares to Ålesund.  First love, always says special and even the rain that poured down tonight, didn’t keep me from dancing on the street. 
I should be sad and I don’t feel I am overcompensating with happiness. I am happy in this town. Walked up all the 418 steps to the uksotshytta, again and would do it ever and ever again. A place with a view. I had some company. Genevieve, Lars and Espen. Espen was complaining about the steps so no one feeled bad about their condition. Thanks for that. And every pain is forgotten on the top. Well… Someone still said he got tricked and wouldn’t have followed if he’d known… Well he should know by know. Window shopping in town, awful kebap and still good mood. Wine store closed at 5, we reach it at quarter past, still good mood. 

Genevieve and I try dresses in a boutique. Should we doll up tonight? Outch, bit out of shape… Let’s stick with oversized jumpers and merino underwear. Still good mood. This city give good vibes. 

It is time for me to say good by to FAIRWINDS. I booked the plane ticket just now. After 3500nsm my journey ends (for now) in Ålesund. We wouldn’t make it in time to Bergen. And I so much love to be at my nephews birthday party in two days. The circle closes. I left the boat here once before. And came back. I am dreaming of joining from Canada to Greenland over Iceland back to Svalbard… Down to Ålesund?

It’s goodbye for now.  

I am not the only one leaving in the morning hours, it’s Espens last night as well. He’s quiet today. Maybe tiered, maybe not. Sometimes I’d like to read what’s on his mind. He should have been back to work today, but obviously the storm decided for us to change the route that much, that he isn’t. 

At 5am will we be on the way to the airport. Till then… Checking out some other bars and a corner pub. Ps: Guinness doesn’t help with dart. 

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