Back in homeland. 


Hamburg, stop three and the last on my 3 great cities in 24h tour. Walking into the airport building I pass by a prominent sing ” Bundesrepublik Deutschland”. I kept walking passed by but turned around. I’ve been in and out of the country in the last three year so uncountable times but never really embraced that moment.  

The question “when are you coming home?” is one that drives me mad. I can’t answer it. I don’t know when, and I can’t reall define what “home” is.

The amount of years you’ve lived in a city, the amount of memories made? How important it was for your personal development? The place where you’ve been born? The amount of relatives living concentrated in one area? I don’t know. 

I was born in Worms but have nearly no memories on that time. We moved and I might have been two or ish… I remember the monster goose that lived on the end of the yard befor the street starts and I was terrified by them, never would I’ve passed them all alone. So safe to say I would have run out on the street. 

Bonn… I grew up here, had amazing times, wild and educational, my first flat, first serious relationship but it was my heart that always dragged me away and I took the first occasion after my apprentice to follow that call. And I ended up Dortmund… Even though I studied here and had an amazing loft that still keeps something I compare my flats with, I never felt “home” for longer than the time me living there. Anyways was I commuting between to university campus, Dortmund and Gummersbach and my relation ship in Bonn. My family still lives in Bonn. 

Hannover? Sure not, ever lived in Hotels while working their for first 1.5 years and later for 10 more months. 

Hamburg? Now its getting difficult. I moved to Hamburg be cause I loved that city, I applied for a job and would have applied with other companies in case it wouldn’t have worked out… On paper I lived in the same house for over nine years. But my job, that financed the flat also pulled me away from Hamburg until Hamburg and I had a weekend relationship that ended in me moving to Munich. It has been 4 years now… Did it really end? Somehow not. I keep coming back, being in love and feeling down as soon the gray sky brings up the shadow sides of this city. I broke up with the city time after times and on time when I came from Oxford in middle of March in late spring dress and still with the smell of cheery blossoms in my nose and was greeted with a freezing wind and cold wet air and a way too earlier sunset. That’s it I thought. But it wasn’t. 

Munich? Nope. Job. It brought me here and it brought me out again as well. If I’d do it again? Probably yes. It has been an interesting time and I really enjoy the beer gardens in the summer. A beautiful city and a hell of a dancing scene, if you’re into it there is never a dull moment. But it’s not home. I’d come for work or visit friends. 

Oxford? Na, not home but the most beautiful city I’ve lived in so far. Old, historic, magical. And a city where I had a planable job making it possible that I finally found my self being not only signed up to sport activities but finally were able to attend them. Really great times and I even fixed my cousin on to the idea and she’s still living in Oxford. 

And the rest is history… Me traveling. 

So that’s why I struggle to set a pinpoint on a map to locate home. Can I choose water? If I had to put it on land it is Germany, if it must be a city it would be Hamburg, probably, not sure. Let’s stick to the land. 

And the time? I don’t know? Do you mean by “when I’m coming home” like for a visit or for good? Can’t answer that. World is too big. On my last evening at dinner with friends and my father we were thinking of when I’ll make desert again. I said maybe end of September. Words got twisted and the rumor spread its 31st of September. I liked it. So I am coming home on the 31st of September.

This would mean I am now visiting another area of the world. This deserves a picture like I’ve taken pictures of so many road and city signs. 

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