Chillout Zone Airport Stockholm

The stop over in Oslo was quick, the airport quieter than the last time and my civilization shock didn’t happen this time. I remember me sitting in Oslo hiding behind my back pack and wondering how to manage the 5m that were between me and the gate but full of people who wouldn’t stand still. I also felt a bit sea sick on my last flight from Ålesund to Oslo, not this time. All good so far. 

Now I am in Stockholm, just in an eye blink and have time to get used to the vibrant of cities. Can or Can’t I deal with it? I was so sure that I couldn’t live anywhere else but in city city center and I was so sure that being anywhere near a city would be too much for me. The cabins in nowhere seamed just so tempting. 

I am sitting here, drinking a fresh pressed juice, the first one since a while. 

Right, I’m not on a Scandinavian after party, this is THE juice bar at the international Airport of Stockholm. My office for today. Good vibes to get stuff done. Writing has always been easier for me with good tunes and a high doses of vitamins. Orange, carrot, ginger, mint and apple…. Life is good ✨

Maybe I find a way for more writing jobs. I enjoy it, putting my mind into the ideas of people and help them to formulate and to communicate what they like to get across. 

Anyone in need of a ghost writer?

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