Psst, this is an “awe”-some place… Jo-Ann and her prank. 


I’m sitting in a beautiful, historic hotel lounge waiting for my friend and former roomy Sina. She’s on late shift and I take the time to get some paperwork done and have a phone call with one of my clients. He really is a night owl and seems to appreciate that I tend to work in the evenings as well. 

I’d love to do more of these take away jobs. Let me see where I might find some.

While I’m sitting upstairs a well traveled lady approaches my friend on the desk with a technical issue, the keyboard isn’t connecting to the iPad and she needs to send birthday greetings to her brother… “Let me see, what I can do for you…”…”Marii, do you have time to check a computer thing?” Sure, I have. So the gorgeous lady came upstairs to the lounge with her iPad. She’d just been on a cruise. From Hamburg to Hamburg. She lives Hamburg. Well, we all understand. 

She uses the iPad to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. And now, just today as she wants to send an email for her brothers birthday, the attached keyboard doesn’t type anymore. 

We figured out the technical thingi quickly and as a reward she promised me an hilarious prank video on YouTube, the one she wants to send to her brother… It is hilarious. I hope he turns on the volume… who comes up with this idea? Omg, Id been scared, if this happens to me…for sure… We laughed both so hard and the old high walls of the hotel boosted it even more and turned the quiete, classy, historical and “awe”-some place  into a lively scene from the dome (famous fare in Hamburg) that we didn’t know what was more funny. We couldn’t stop loughing. Jo-Ann is one of a kind. (Find her video here:

This lady is awesome! Keep up traveling!

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