Sleeping beauty – a boat full. 


It 4am. The first alarm goes off. 

Mine is set for quarter past. I thought that is a safe one. Like where ever I am by that time in town I’d make it to the boat, get my bags and run off to the Bus station. Well maybe I’d have a bit of a sprint in case I am at utsikshytta again. 

Well, but we are in the boat. A few hours sleep would harm after all. That wasn’t my plan in the beginning so I had coke, espresso and a drink with Ginger chilli and coffein. But the arguments for sleep were solid so I went to bed. Noway did I had a good sleep. I am still over the point. And bright awake. Poor Espen, I just can hope he is so sleepy that he doesn’t bother me being a “bit” hyper. For a no-morning person I am probably the biggest nightmare, especially now. But we agreed that no matter what we make sure that we both and up on that bus to the airport. Hmm wait. I remember that we transferred responseability to Lars. Lars?! Lars sleeps deep, like the rest of th boat. Only Genevieve sits in the living room. Good bye hugs. Good bye for now. 

The tunnel to the airport is single way at the moment due to construction work. Espen is a bit under tension. He says he can no earlier calm down than being actually at the gate. 

Well… I know that something will be. Liquids in my back pack or my dangerous electrical toothbrush or what ever so I don’t need to worry, it will just be. 

We arrive at the airport and here we go. My laguage is 1.3kg to heavy and the self checkin has no tolerance. So I take out the jumper that I am knitting for my father, it will still somehow fit into my backpack. But still zero point something to much. Espen just lifts the bag and tatatataaaa all good. Clever guy. Thanks. Tusen takk. 

Security: of cause, 2 smoothies in my back pack. See, I was clever yesterday as well. Packed us breakfast. But totally forgot about it. So, down in one go or three. Vitamin loaded so early in the morning. Just can be a perfect day. 

Then… Miss Wulff checked in to Hamburg please make yourself known to the security desk. 

Hm. Again, what might it be this time. They have my big yellow duffle bag, the one we just got rid off at the self checkin. Did they figured out that it is zero point something to heavy?

No, I have three gas cartridges in my laguage. And allowed are two. Ok. What ever, they fly with me since a while but if that’s the rule, that’s the rule. I hand him one and all is good. Thank you for cooperation. – sure. 

So we both fly to Oslo, same time different airlines. He’ll take the train from there home, I understood it’s pretty uncomplicated and then off to work. For me the journey continues to Stockholm, Hamburg and finally tomorrow Bonn in time to Antons 3rd Birthday. 

See you when I see you. Takk for akkompagnement. I’ll come for Oslo. I’ve signed into a language school. If I want to have a chance of a job in Svalbard, I’d better get my Norwegian fluent-ish. 

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  1. Wiebke Freund-McLean says:

    A job in Svalbard?? Are you serious?? I can understand, the pictures you sent were overwelmingly beautiful, breathtaking and awesome. I also know you like exotic ocations but SVALBARD? I thought i hid myself away in a quiet corner of Scotland but SVALBARD ???? Surely, before you do THAT you come and stay with us for a wee while? We also have beach, boats and wool shops on offer 😉 Love you and miss you! xoxoxoxo Wiebke


    1. marii says:

      How about both 😂


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