Have I lost my mind?


This is the first morning that I remember, that I hadn’t rush to catch the train south. Interesting feeling. I even have time for a strole in Ottensen, the suburb Anne and I used to lived in for years before she moved to st. Pauli and me around the world. Would I search for a flat here in case I came back? I don’t know… Is there somewhere more quiet maybe… 

I walk on… And Suddenly felt helpless and  thought ive lost my mind at all this morning. The railway station is under construction since a year and when parts of it opened again earlier this year I came across a coffe brewery. A lovely concept with heart but the next time I stopped  by, it was gone. A fries place was here instead. 
It was there yesterday evening when I passed by aswell. For sure. 

But now… There is a coffe shop. Yes, it’s like a maze, this station but I know it by heart, they don’t fool me with walkways… But that’s just wired. Did I travel in time?

I’m standing in front of the store and the impression on my face must have been pretty confused, unhappy and obviously alarming as I found myself back in reality as the barista talked to me if I were ok at all… I am not sure, was all I could stumbled. I told him about me being here and knowing for sure that the coffe place was gone, it was a firs place-sadly, but true, I know I reinsured my self last night- and now it’s back and I am not sure how I’d feel about it. He smiled at me, wide and warm. Offering a coffe and an explanation… It’s both and at noon the coffe places clothes and the firs place folds up. Just turn the counter upside down, flip the boards, change aprons and it converts from brewery to deep-friery. 

Oh man. He safed me. Amazing concept but what the hell do you do to passengers. He offers me coffee -but I am still clean- and said I am number two today with this story. 

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