A shortcut with a lesson. 

Ulla and I meet in the evening. It gives us both time to use the day productive which wouldn’t happen if we meet earlier and agree to meet just briefly and see each other later. We tried it in the past, too much to talk. 

So I wash clothing and sort stuff. I haven’t touched the paperwork from the last month, I’ll keep that for Monday. 

Other topics are way more interesting. Like my language school in Oslo for example or booking my holidays with Sina. 

Ulla and I are up for a walk in our forrest, we found a new one the other day that connects our usual way with a wilderness I’ve played in with my brother as kids. We start there and fight our way through bushes and trees till we find a way again. It gets dark, what a surprise and we are still a fair bit from home… But there is a short cut, just over the graveyard. It’s pitch dark when we arrive at the backside of it. We enter and the feeling changed for a second, cold but went away again as soon as it came. All the lights on the graves give a calming scenery. We have a public holiday in November where every lamp or candle on the graves are lit. One day I’ll be around that day again. It must look mystic. We walk on and as we here a sound I jump on the other side of her and she said ” it’s just an” and here she pauses and laughed the rest of the sentence ” right an animal, are you still afraid of animals?” Yes I am and this one was a big one… Like a bird. I have to lough as well and she starts with ” do you know that story…”, I answer: “as long it’s not scary I am listening…” It wasn’t scary, more sad. I scene of the movie Now And Then. Where girls got scared by the appearance of a man while being on a graveyard in the night as a dare and it turns out that he isn’t evil just sad and grieving as his wife and kid were killed in an accident. 

How little we know and yet we dare to judge. I will take that story as a reminder on that Everyone fights their own battle we know nothing about. 

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