Up in the air and feets back on Norwegian ground. 

Uhh.. this is a long one. 

Flying over the lakes and mountains of Scandinavia gave me a special feeling. The world is beautiful and there is so much to see. I can’t wait to explore more of this north land that i ignored for so long. How ignorant i was, how beautiful it is…
I’ve been in Bonn now for a bit more than three weeks, a few days in Munich, and some excursus around town but I haven’t called Bonn my base for that long since 12 years. I took the time to enjoy life and the late summer days it felt good, it felt easy. With the right company things usually are, right? I fought up with old friends, made new ines and had a decent set of me time. Walking on the Rhine in the morning is calming. Not the same as on our beach behind the house in Australia, but still somehow special. I had a kind off structured life. But how long could I really do that? 

When I was in Svalbard this summer I took a bit of time to figure out what life could be after my Arctic adventure. Going back to Munich, Working as a sailing teacher in Hamburg, or what? I felt like walking through autumn leafs in the hills behind the house of my childhood … or staying in Svalbard to extend my Arctic adventure…  I choose Bonn for the start. And I choose it from my heart. I had 3 weeks in Germany: Bonn, Hamburg and Munich. Each city a week, was the plan. But I didn’t felt like driving up and down the country in the end. Just did the parts in person that really couldn’t be remote. And it felt good. No early morning flights, no train sprints in the middle of the night, just one longer drive to Munich. More time sitting, breathing and enjoying life. Something I’ve learned during my travels. And probably the biggest change that happened in me. Being everyother day in a different city was for a long time my working life and I obviously didn’t mind to live my private life the same way. Not this time. It really felt good. For the time being and I wouldn’t have minded to stay a few days longer. 

But something was missing… I guess it’s the sea. 

I am restless, like a child knowing something great is coming up. A happy child. 

Someone said I’m running away from life. Life is running away from us and the world is too big to be explored in the holidays we get in a normal full time job. 

Someone said, I am irresponsible. Responsible for what? Life? Well, I care for the environment. Always taking the eco alternative. Walking or taking the bus instead of the car, where it makes sense. Not using straws or plastic lists on a take away cup, reducing litter, saving water and not dumping stuff in it. I don’t eat fish from over fished seas, no meat from mass production… smiling to strangers, brighten up their day. That’s responsiblity in my eyes. 

Someone said, I’m afraid of bindings, that would keep me away from exploring the world. Well, is there anything more dangerous than that?!? – but please, pack your suitcase and join me – for a while or for longer, – or be the reason I’m coming back. What are you afraid of? 

People, stop judging. I might not know where this leads to or ends up, but I am very aware of what I want in life. I might struggle to define where home is geographically to me, but I do know how to feel at home. 

Flying over this nature with lakes knowing that I will be on the edge of solid ground in just a few more hours. I’m feeling light even with this heavy thoughts. 

From the west inwards is my route this time and I’m looking forward to what ever comes next. With a smile on my face. 

It’s close. 

I arrive at quarter to 8 in the evening. The plane was delayed and still did manage to reach Bergen ahead of time.  

14hours of travel and here I am. 
Standing outside of the airport all I feel is the cold clear air, I feels like the a pre-sign of freedom 

Bus, tram, walk… and here the rain comes. It’s not real rain, it’s just moist air, like spray… I walk through a neighborhood with with and eggshell colored wooden houses. At least I think they are eggshell colored. Also could be the yellow light of the street lamps tricking me. 

The spray on my face feels good, like on the open water. I’m happy. 

Google maps doesn’t locate me properly but I find my way. My backpack isn’t as heavy as on the camp trip with my brother or it doesn’t feel as heavy wearing this warm hoody and a soft shell. 

Clouds wrap the hills around the city in kind of translucent cover and it looks mystic. 

Not the weather that would make me wander an hours towards town. Lucky me, I anyways have lots of work left to be done. 

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