Bergen – a Hanse City

Bergen is ment to be the Hamburg of Norway. Rainy, -248 days of rain bring down 2548mm of water every year. – gray in gray and windy. I brought a rain jacket, just in case…

The spray rain from yesterday is long dryed and forgotten. The sun colors up the street and I can identify the eggshell colored house as a bright clean white one. 

I have two touristic points on my bucket list. The Bryggen Warft  and the Fløyen. 

On the way I pass by the byparken, the city park. 

I had the feeling that walking at least the last a part of the 1hour walk towards town could be worth it. Bearing in mind that I carry my backpack every meter I decided to take the first half by tram. 

I walk without an aim just through the little lanewalks. They are cute, quite and yet centra. 

I even find some graffiti. Where ever I see some of this streetarts i feel reminded on the beautiful of Melbourne. Good memories…

Walking over to the touristy area I came across the fish market and the habour. Uuuu. This is were my heart opened up again. Sail boats, fishers, cargo, rescue. Yes. This is what if missed the last three weeks. The water. 

I stay a bit, enjoy the view and dream away… so this is were we’ve planed to dock. Well never made it to Bergen on the last tour, maybe next year…

The train station where the cable cars to Fløyen leave was so over crowded. A queue of maybe 100m. Well, no way. I planed enough time for the way up, a walk, just sitting and coming down again to see the rest of this city but I absolutely don’t feel like standing in a queue waiting. So this shot is what I got from Fløyen, it needs to be enough. 

It is an interesting cable car, nearly looks like a tram or bus. 

My way leads me directly into the old Hanse area, it colorful houses are like a magnet. I walk through some houses, doesn’t say you shouldn’t… and in the backyard I find, hidden old gilde houses, tradings and storagehouses. 

The life on the street is busy and even though the characteristics gray and rainy could be approved the windy definitive can. 

Old houses does this city have. This one where I got blown away is the Bergenhuset. 

Just next to the habour area. You can imagine I stayed longer on the dock than between the old rocks. 

And a bit time is left before the train brings me up into the mountains. I enjoy the view on the pier with freshly pressed juice. 

And a little nap in the byparken. It’s beautiful warm and the spray of the fountain reaches me even up here in the gras. I close my eyes and dream of the sea…

Waiting for the Bergenbahnen…

Nah… not this one….

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