Who’s that chick?!

Chick?! I’d say a penguin…

Hi, my name is Mareike Wulff,

After I’ve worked for years as a Management Coach and Senior Consultant, helping people to find their bearing and steer towards their goal, I’ve pulled all my confidence together and jumped into life to walk my talk and to work towards my dream: Writing while sailing on the sea, any of the 7. – and having my own fashion label combining handmade, chic and practicality.

Walk my talk – If I can – you can, If you can – I can.

🍓⛵️🌏 Food is my passion, open water my desire and the world my home. 💫  💫 and you’ll find me⛵️ where the wind may blow me.


I was born in 1981 in Worms, Germany and grew up in Bonn were I learned the for this area typical optimistic and easy going sight of the world. Growing up I moved further north, bit by bit by bit did it pulled me towards the sea, but I can’t deny my roots from the rhine region, a cheerful soul.


I am qualified both as a computer scientist and as a coach. Computer scientists are said to communicate in a digital and cryptic way – which hasn’t exactly gained them a reputation as communication experts. But in my case, this is exactly what I am. My motivation to undergo several years of vocational training as a coach mainly came from two sources: IT projects whose failure was caused by misunderstandings and imprecise communication; and the insight that changes are not only caused by implementing things. With this effective combination, I have worked for more than 10 years in the delicate balance between requester and service provider in different industries: energy, healthcare, service sector and automotive.

With this effective combination, I have worked for more than 10 years in the delicate balance between requester and service provider.

In this area, there is a multitude of exciting constellations. For example, in-house between employee and superior, development and production, research/development and finance department, in a team or across different departments. Or when a number of different companies are involved in a relationship between client and principal or in buy-ins and buy-outs. My activities in this area continue to take place mostly on an international level, also resulting in exciting intercultural challenges.

I have worked several years on both sides and could gain a great deal of experience in identifying, solving and preventing conflicts. Today, I work as a business coach, trainer and mediator for colleagues, requesters and service providers alike. Depending on whatever is needed the most.

As a mediator my focus are settlements in commercial disputes. This can be Business 2 Business, Business 2 Consumer and between departments within the same company. I am used to deal with several stakeholders at the same time and mediate with delegates. Thanks to my professional background, I feel at home in both worlds: the world of hard facts and the world of psychological levels. And due to my many years of experience, I can easily put myself in the position and perspective of others and quickly adapt to changing situations and surroundings.

  • Fachinformatiker Systemintegration (IHK Bonn-Rhein/Sieg, Germany)
  • Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker (University of  Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany)
  • Coach Platin (DVNLP) / Master Coach (NLP)
  • Studium Mediation (Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany)
  • Diploma Expertise Nutrition and Weight Management (Shaw Academy, Dublin Ireland)
Relevant professional experience:
  • Projektconception and -steering
  • Organisational Development
  • Change mangement
  • Conflict Management
  • Mediation
  • Moderator
  • Trainer

That was in the past but what is now?

Im running a Coaching Business based in Augsburg, Germany – Coaching-For-Competence, we focus on Management Coaching and Change Management. My part in this is  Conflict Management. But also am there for quality review and writing of Documentaries, Business plans, official questionnaires… Some people are afraid of the evil blank page – I deliver text with first thoughts and they continue, I ghost write, I review, what ever. Short: I work as an author. – in english and german.

While this not always requires my presence I am free to roam around in the world and live my dream, sail, and sit and write and sew for my fashion label.

So now you know.

💌 mail@ahoii.com

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