What’s that about?

ahoi! (German for “ahoy!”) is what sailors in the crow’s nest call out when a ship sets sail. The ship has a destination. They know for what it’s worth to set sail for. Do you know for what reason you “set sail”? What makes you call out “ahoi!?

The knowledge of what really drives us has dwindled in the last decades. As a result, it has become more difficult or entirely impossible to focus, leading to sensory overload which the brain no longer can (and shouldn’t be required to) process properly.

The results become particularly clear on days when 24 hours just isn’t enough. When you’ve got a lot done but still feel you haven’t achieved anything. The result is disorientation, fatigue and sulkiness.

All my work life this was my mantra: Know your goal and know the needs of your opposite. But start with yours self. It makes your life easier.

So, I said… and  walk my talk, show you that with the right bearing you’ve set straight course towards your goal, that, what counts for you the most. For me this is:

  • Freedom in finances, location, time and the people I surround my self with
  • Give back: be a role model for women to build strong characters to live an independent life
  • Inspire: healthy lifestyle and passion for clean food
  • Running an successful Coaching and Management Consulting Business (check: Coaching-for-Competence)
  • Having my own popular handmade fashion label with practical boutique fashion “ahoii”
  • Follow my dreams in offshore sailing
  • Provide for my future family, and still be able to be physically present

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